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Meet friends on blog, it is my mission to popularize cryptographic knowledge, cryptographic application and zero trust ideas.

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  • Richard_wang

    Dear Readers,

    Since the subtitle of the CEO blog is “Meet friends on blog”, as a scientific and technological worker rather than a literato, please do not care whether the grammar of the blog post is correct, but whether the article can help you understand PKI technology, cryptographic and zero trust. I have 30 years of experience in the IT industry, including CA, cryptography, software development, Internet, Internet security etc. Over the years, I have participated in many important domestic and international academic conferences, to understand the differences between Chinese and Western cultures and the latest technological frontiers. And has published many academic articles in newspapers and periodicals. In company operation, the two companies I founded have been acquired by a public listed Internet security company, and one of them is a CA that had won the sixth place in the world in the SSL certificate market and the first in the Chinese market.

    I firmly believe that my article will bring value to readers both academically and company operation. thanks.

    Welcome to follow the official WeChat of ZoTrus: zotrus, which will push each new blog in real time, so that you will not miss every wonderful blog post.

    Dec. 20, 2021, in Shenzhen, China