About Us

The trademark has been registered in China, "ZoTrus" is the abbreviation of Zero Trust. The core logo is the combination of "0" and "", which means that the company will provide Internet trust and security solutions based on the principle of zero trust.


Make the Internet of Everything more secure and trusted


Provide innovative cryptographic products and services to protect the security of identities, devices, networks, applications, and data.

Technical Route

Based on the principle of zero trust, cryptographic technology, and cloud infrastructure, develop the world's leading cryptographic products and services to protect the security of identity, device, network, application, and data.

Realization Route

One-client multi-purpose, Client-cloud integration.
  • One Client
    This is the ZT Browser, the key data is "in the client", which completely solves the problem of privacy protection, and zero trust "cloud only".
  • One Cloud
    This is the ZoTrus Cloud Cryptographic Infrastructure. The computing power required for ZoTrus services is in the Cloud, which completely solves the computing power shortage in the “client only" that cannot achieve service automation.
  • One-client multiple-purpose
    This means that only one client can implement various cryptographic applications and cryptographic services, including website security (https encryption, WAF protection), email security (encryption, digital signature, and timestamp), document security (document signing, timestamping and encryption), application security (code signing and timestamping) and identity trusted (website trusted identity validation and unified identity authentication), etc.
  • Client-cloud integration
    This means that "one client" and "one cloud" are closely connected, innovatively implement various cryptographic applications, realize zero trust security, and solve the technical issues that cannot be solved by "client only" or "cloud only".

Main Products and Services

One client, One cloud, Five services
  • One client
    ZT Browser
  • One cloud:
    ZoTrus Cloud Cryptographic Infrastructure
  • Five Services:
    Website Security Cloud Service - https encryption, WAF protection, trusted authentication
    Email Security Cloud Service - Email Encryption, Digital Signature, Timestamp
    Document Security Cloud Service - Document Signature, Timestamp, Encryption
    Application Security Cloud Service - Code Signing, Timestamp, HTTPS Download
    Identity Trusted Cloud Service - Digital identity, website trusted identity validation, unified identity authentication

China Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate

ZoTrus Email Encryption Cloud Service System
ZoTrus Website Security Cloud Service System
ZoTrus Website Security Cloud Service System
ZoTrus Email Encryption Cloud Service System
ZoTrus Email Encryption Cloud Service System
ZoTrus Email Encryption Cloud Service System
ZoTrus Cloud Signing Service System
ZoTrus Cloud Signing Service System
ZoTrus Cloud Signing Service System
ZoTrus Code Signing Tool
ZoTrus Code Signing Tool
ZoTrus Code Signing Tool
ZoTrus Document Signing Tool
ZoTrus Document Signing Tool
ZoTrus Document Signing Tool

Who is the founder?

ZoTrus Technology Limited was registered and established in Shenzhen, the capital of innovation, vitality and the core city of the China Greater Bay Area. The founder of the company, Mr. Richard Wang, is the founder, former CEO and CTO of WoTrus CA and MeSign Technology. After the two company were acquired by 360 Security Group, he started a new business again, to continue to innovate and complete the unfinished cryptographic application business.

Click here to view the CEO's speech in the news. Click here to view the CEO Blog.

What are we going to do?

ZoTrus Technology, a cryptographic technology based zero trust security provider, fully automatically issues, deploys and uses publicly trusted and China compliant digital certificates for all cryptographic applications, and fully automates digital signatures, encryption, and timestamping. It fully adopts the principle of zero trust, and adopts PKI technology to ensure Internet security, big data security, Internet of Things security and industrial Internet security.

What innovations do we have?

Zero trust is the best concept and principle to solve network security, but zero trust is not a technology, and it is difficult to apply it without a specific solution. ZoTrus Technology firmly believes that cryptographic technology is the best technology for zero trust security solutions, because PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology is the most mature and reliable technology born for trust.

PKI technology is the only reliable technology to solve trust issues and ensure data security. ZoTrus Technology makes full use of 17 years of PKI/CA technology research and development accumulation, and fully understand that the customers’ real needs are data encryption, digital signature and time stamping, not the digital certificates, using cloud cryptographic services to automatically configure digital certificates in the cryptographic products, to realize digital signature, encryption and time stamping services required by the business, instead of directly giving customers the digital certificates that it is not the real requirement.

ZoTrus Technology is the first innovatively to use SM2 algorithm to realize the certificate transparency mechanism, including ZoTrus SM2 Certificate Transparency Log System (the world's first certificate transparency log system that support SM2 SSL certificate that use SM2 algorithm to sign the certificate transparency log data), ZT Browser (the world's first SM2 algorithm supported browser that supports the SM2 certificate transparency), and ZoTrus Cloud SSL System (the world's first CA system that can issue SM2 SSL certificate that embedded SM2 certificate transparency log data), all three products are the world's first released, which effectively protects the security and trust of SM2 SSL certificate, thereby ensuring the security of SM2 HTTPS encryption.

ZoTrus Website Security Cloud Service is the world's first innovative cloud service to realize SM2 HTTPS encryption without system transformation. It automatically deploys the SM2 SSL certificate that supports the SM2 certificate transparency and the publicly trusted ECC SSL certificate. One-click implementation of four-in-one website security services such as HTTPS encryption, cloud WAF protection, CDN distribution, and website trusted identity validation.

ZoTrus Technology's website security cloud service does not provide users with SSL certificates but provide https encryption services; email encryption cloud service does not provide users with email certificates but provide email encryption services; application security cloud service does not provide users with code signing certificates but provide code signing services; document security cloud service does not provide users with document signing certificates but provide document digital signing and encryption services. It not only greatly reduces the burden on customers of using digital certificates, but also greatly lowers the threshold for customers to use digital certificates, removes technical obstacles for popularizing cryptographic applications, and enables cryptographic technology to truly play a role in securing big data and Internet of Everything, let cryptographic services are at fingertips and everywhere.

ZoTrus Technology, adopting trust-native technology (PKI) and cloud-native services, make zero trust zero threshold, make cryptography at fingertips.

What have we done for the Internet security industrial ecology?

In order to promote the popularization and application of cryptographic technology and zero trust security, ZoTrus Technology eco-partner program invites system integrators and security providers to integrate ZoTrus cryptographic products and services into their products and solutions to provide more zero trust security applications products and services, and effectively enhance the core competitiveness of their products and services, and jointly make greater contributions to ensuring the Internet security.