Document Security Cloud ServiceNever trust cleartext emails, but only trust encrypted and digitally signed emails.

Never trust the document without trusted identities, and only trust the documents with trusted digital signatures and timestamps.

Now, many business documents have also been managed on the cloud. How to ensure the security of the documents must also adopt the principle of zero trust. Zero trust to the documents that stored in cleartext in the cloud. Every document must be encrypted to ensure that every document is stored in ciphertext in the cloud. The third cloud service that will be launched soon is the Document Security Cloud Service. This is a solution that uses digital signature and encryption to ensure document security, it is also a cloud signature solution based on the principle of zero trust that only submit the HASH of the document to be signed to the cloud signing service system, never upload the original documents to the cloud which can effectively protect the security of document confidential information. Document encryption uses digital certificates to encrypt on the user's computer, which can effectively ensure that confidential documents will not be leaked, so that only authorized readers can seamlessly decrypt the encrypted documents. The digital signature, encryption and time stamp of electronic documents can effectively ensure the security and trusted of electronic documents.

Coming soon, Stay tuned!