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Three solutions to solve three problems with three free supporting services
The zero change of the web server is preferred to automatically implement https encryption
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1. Three problems in implementing HTTPS encryption

All browsers display "Not secure" for http plaintext transmission, this is not scaring Internet users, it is because of the information entered by the user in the browser is transmitted to the cloud web server on the Internet in plaintext using http protocol, it is very easy to be illegally stolen and illegally tampered with. Only the HTTPS protocol uses cryptographic technology can realize data transmission encryption, so that any information entered by the user in the browser is transmitted to the cloud web server in ciphertext, which can effectively protect all confidential information submitted by the user and delivered by the server transmission security. However, there are three main problems and obstacles in implementing HTTPS encryption, and it seriously obstacle the popularization and application of HTTPS encryption.

2. ZoTrus HTTPS automation three solutions, completely and perfectly solve the three HTTPS encryption problems

The above three problems are the three big mountains that weigh on the Web server administrator, and there must be solutions to solve these problems. ZoTrus Technology has innovatively developed three solutions and related products to realize automatic application, deployment and renewal of SSL certificates, fully automatic, zero reconstruction, and no need to care about the validity period of SSL certificates, completely and perfectly solving the above three problems.

ZoTrus three HTTPS encryption automation solutions have two main application scenarios: HTTPS encryption automation and SM2 HTTPS encryption transformation. The former mainly solves the problem of automatic deployment of RSA/ECC algorithm SSL certificates, because many websites and various business management systems are still not deployed SSL certificates, these systems only need to deploy RSA/ECC algorithm SSL certificates, and do not need to be transformed to support SM2 SSL certificate, but they need to realize automated certificate management. The latter requires not only the deployment of RSA/ECC SSL certificates, but also the deployment of SM2 SSL certificates, and the automatic management of dual-algorithm certificates.

Customers can choose a suitable solution according to their own business system management needs. The comparison table of the main parameters of the three solutions is as follows.

Solution One
ZoTrus SM2 ACME client
Solution Two
ZoTrus SM2 HTTPS Automation Gateway
Solution Three
ZoTrus SM2 HTTPS Automation Cloud Service
Onetime Operation
Install client software
Deploy hardware device
Do the domain resolution
Auto-apply for and deploy dual SSL certificates
90-day ECC DV SSL certificate
90-day SM2 DV SSL certificate
1-year ECC DV SSL certificate
1-year SM2 OV SSL certificate
1-year ECC DV SSL certificate
1-year SM2 OV/EV SSL certificate
Auto-renewal the dual SSL certificates
Yes, every 90 days
Yes, every 365 days
Yes, every 365 days
Number of supported sites
No limit
50/100/150/255 sites
1 site, optional multi-sites
Service Period
No limit
5 Years
1 Year, optional multi-year
Cost (RMB Yuan)
198K – 998K
4,888 – 98,888
Certificate types optional
Optional 1-year DV/OV/EV SSL certificate
Optional ECC OV/EV and SM2 EV
Optional ECC OV/EV SSL certificate
Zero-transformation of the original web server
Include WAF Protection
Include CDN service
Include WTIV service
Browsers Support
ECC SSL certificate: all browsers
SM2 SSL certificate: ZT Browser
ECC SSL certificate: all browsers
SM2 SSL certificate: all SM2 browsers
ECC SSL certificate: all browsers
SM2 SSL certificate: all SM2 browsers
Application Scene
New website
There are multiple website systems that need to automatically deploy SSL certificates for independent management
One or few websites system need to automatically deploy SSL certificates without purchasing hardware
Need to reinstall Nginx and install client software
Rely on cloud services

ZoTrus Technology has successfully built eight core products, including ZoTrus SM2 Certificate Transparency Log, ZoTrus Cloud SSL Service System, ZoTrus SM2 ACME Service System, ZoTrus SM2 SSL Certificate and RSA/ECC SSL Certificate, ZT Browser, ZoTrus SM2 ACME Client, ZoTrus SM2 HTTPS Automation Gateway and ZoTrus HTTPS Automation Cloud Service, providing related products and services, so that the user's website system and Internet of Things devices can fully automatically realize HTTPS encryption and adaptive cryptography algorithm(RSA/ECC/SM2), to meet the different users HTTPS application requirement for cryptography compliance and globally trusted.

eight core products

3. ZoTrus SM2 HTTPS automation solution three supporting services, provide value-added support for the three solutions

ZoTrus SM2 HTTPS encryption automation solution perfectly solves the problem of automatic application, deployment, and renewal of dual-algorithm SSL certificates, but in order to realize SM2 HTTPS encryption, browsers must support SM2 algorithms and SM2 SSL certificates, and the automatic configured dual-algorithm SSL certificates must support certificate transparency to ensure the security of the SSL certificate itself. For this end, ZoTrus Technology provides three supporting value-added services for free.

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