ZT Browser integrates PDF Reader to verify and display document digital signatureOctober 11, 2023

Today, ZT Browser released a new upgraded version V114.0.5735.2301. Starting from this version, the original 22xx version has been changed to the 23xx version. Version 22 is a version that only provides Internet browsing functions. Version 23 is a version that provides Internet browsing and document reading that support digital signature, which means another important step towards our established strategy of "One client multi-purpose, Client-cloud integration".

This upgraded version not only provides the excellent PDF reading function based on open source Chromium like Google Chrome, users can directly open PDF documents in the browser, displaying all pages of the document, page number, zoom in and out, window width, page rotation, document download, document printing, full-screen presentation and other functions related to various document operations. But also more, ZoTrus Technology does not stop there, we do not satisfy with only providing PDF reading functions, but providing PDF reading, digital signature verification, document signing, document encryption and document timestamping, a full-featured PDF reader with innovative features.

PDF Reader

This is the world's first technological innovation that can verify the digital signature of a document and display the signer's identity information in real time. It is the first in the world to be implemented by ZT Browser, which allows users to not only seamlessly browse and view PDF documents when browsing webpages, but also helps users identify document trusted identity to protect users from fake identity documents. This innovation will further promote the popularization and application of digital signatures for PDF documents.

For specific innovations and improvements of the ZT Browser PDF Reader, please refer to the CEO blog article:

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