ZT Browser Trusted Root Program is welcomed by many Chinese SM2 root CA operators

Shenzhen, China – June 1, 2022. Today, the public beta version of ZT Browser is released globally simultaneously, which means that ZT Browser's SM2 Root Trusted Certification Program has also officially taken effect, ZT Browser will trust all types of SM2 SSL certificates issued by the included root CA. We also welcome other SM2 root CA operators that its SM2 root certificate has not included contact us to apply for inclusion.

Zero Trust Browser has released the "ZoTrus Trusted Root Program" (release date: April 20, 2022) in the internal testing phase. On the day of release, it has received applications from many China CA operators. After the undergoing rigorous testing according to our policy, there are 8 SM2 root certificates and 3 China SM2 Root CA certificates have been included in the public beta version of ZT Browser released today, and there are 4 sub CA certificates issued by China SM2 Root CA are also included. These CA operators are Global Digital Cybersecurity Authority, TrustAsia Technologies, Shanghai CA, China Financial CA, iTrusChina, WoTrus CA, Shaanxi CA, NetCA and Guizhou CA.

Many thanks for the love of these CA operators for ZT Browser that has not yet been released. Your trust is the biggest driving force for us to make a great SM2 algorithm supported browser. ZT Browser plans to continue to cooperate with all China CAs, referring to the operation mode of the international CA/Browser Forum, to jointly promote the CA baseline requirement standards related to the SM2 SSL certificate, and to standardize the issuance and use of SM2 SSL certificates.

And ZT Browser will work together with all relevant parties of the SM2 SSL certificate to make good use of the SM2 SSL certificate, and jointly contribute to the popularization of the application of the SM2 SSL certificate, so that the SM2 SSL certificate can truly play the greatest role in safeguarding China Internet security, and promote the SM2/SM3/SM4 algorithm, which has become an international standard, to be widely accepted and used internationally, and jointly promote the SM2 algorithm to be incorporated into the international standards related to SSL certificates as soon as possible, so that users can freely choose the RSA/ECC/SM2 algorithm like choosing RSA/ECC without deploying two algorithm SSL certificates. We firmly believe that this day will come, and we look forward to it coming soon through everyone's efforts.

ZT Browser Trusted Root Program
ZT Browser Trusted Root Program

To learn more about the innovations of ZT Browser, please visit the CEO's blog post "Why the first product of ZoTrus launched is a browser?". It's better to download and enjoy a different zero trust secure Internet browser now! Although it is free, we always believe that if we focus on the user, everything else will follow.