ZoTrus SM2 HTTPS Automation Gateway passed the Commercial Cryptography Product CertificationOctober 16, 2023

Today, ZoTrus SM2 HTTPS Automation Gateway has won the SSL VPN Product / Security Gateway class Security Level 2 Commercial Cryptography Product Certification. This is the first SM2 HTTPS Automation Gateway in China that has passed the certification. It not only complies with the "GM/T 0025-2014 SSL VPN Technical Specification" and "GM/T 0028 Cryptography Module Security Technical Requirements" standards of China and follow the "Automatic Certificate Management Specification" and “Certificate Transparency Specification” standards that are being developed. It automatically configures the SM2 SSL certificate to implement HTTPS encryption. Different from other gateway products, users do not need to apply for an SSL certificate from the CA and manually configure the SSL certificate for use on the gateway. Instead, the Gateway automatic docking with ZoTrus Cloud SSL Service System automatically applies and deploys the SSL certificates to the Gateway for free, fully automatically realizing SM2 HTTPS encryption.

ZoTrus SM2 HTTPS Automation Gateway passed the Commercial Cryptography Product Certification

ZoTrus SM2 HTTPS Automation Gateway has passed the authoritative commercial cryptography product certification, marking that SM2 HTTPS encryption has officially entered the era of automation in China. It both supports the SM2 automatic certificate management (SM2 ACME) and RSA automatic certificate management standards (ACME). The original Web server has achieved SM2 HTTPS encryption automatically without any reconstruction, this makes the first difficulty of cryptography reconstruction - "SM2 HTTPS encryption" a thing of the past. It also means that there are no longer any technical obstacles to implement SM2 HTTPS encryption for all e-government systems, online banking systems and various critical information infrastructures. All can achieve SM2 HTTPS encryption with zero modification. The rapid popularization and application of SM2 HTTPS encryption to ensure the security of China cyberspace is just around the corner.

ZoTrus SM2 HTTPS Automation Gateway supports both the international Automatic Certificate Management (ACME) standard and the China Automatic Certificate Management (SM2 ACME) standard that is being developed under the leadership of ZoTrus Technology, and it realizes automatic configuration dual algorithm SSL certificates for websites that support dual algorithm certificate transparency, adaptive algorithm implements HTTPS encryption, SM2 browsers (such as ZT Browser) use SM2 algorithms to implement SM2 HTTPS encryption, the other browsers that do not support SM2 algorithms use international algorithms to implement HTTPS encryption, to meet users' application requirements for cryptography compliance and global trust.

ZoTrus SM2 HTTPS Automation Gateway

ZoTrus SM2 HTTPS Automation Gateway is the first hardware gateway product that supports dual certificate transparency dual SSL certificates to realize HTTPS encryption automation. It is not only suitable for the SM2 HTTPS encryption of all important business systems that need to be cryptography-compliance, but also for those who need to automatically implement HTTPS encryption for all Web systems. One gateway supports up to 255 website for five years of uninterrupted automatic implementation of HTTPS encryption, effectively ensuring the uninterrupted, reliable, secure operation of business systems. Welcome to try, freshly baked and many offers.