The world's first SM2 ACME system, intelligently made in China

Shenzhen, China – January 06, 2023. Today, the world's first SM2 ACME system jointly created by ZoTrus Technology and CerSign Technology is officially launched. This is an automatic SM2 SSL certificate management system, which can automatically realize the SM2 SSL certificate application, deployment, renewal and revocation with one click for full lifecycle management, and realize the ECC SSL certificate application, deployment, renewal and revocation with one click for full lifecycle management, one click for dual SSL certificates, automatic deployment of dual-algorithm dual-SSL certificates, to realize HTTPS encryption with adaptive algorithm, to meet the application needs of cryptography compliance and global trust.

"ACME" is the abbreviation of Automated Certificate Management Environment, which is an international standard-RFC 8555, which is used to automatically apply for SSL certificates and automatically deploy SSL certificates, including ACME client and ACME server. At present, major CAs around the world have begun to support the ACME protocol to provide automatic SSL certificate management services. The total amount of automated application and deployment of SSL certificates has reached or even exceeded 85% of all SSL certificate applications. It can be seen that this is an inevitable trend because users need to implement https encryption simply and easily.

However, the ACME international standard is only applicable to the automatic deployment of international algorithm SSL certificates (RSA/ECC), and it does not support the automatic deployment of SM2 SSL certificates. It is not enough to provide an automatic certificate management environment to automatically deploy the SM2 SSL certificate to realize the SM2 https encryption. An automatic certificate management ecosystem that supports the SM2 algorithm is needed. Therefore, the E of the SM2 ACME system launched today is the first letter of Ecosystem, not the first letter of Environment.

On the basis of completing the SM2 Certificate Transparency ecosystem, ZoTrus Technology has once again innovatively created the SM2 Automatic Certificate Management Ecosystem with the joint CerSign Technology, and has successfully developed the core products and systems that must be equipped with the entire ecosystem, including: SM2 ACME Service System (ZoTrus Cloud SSL System), SM2 ACME Client, SM2 Certificate Transparent Log System, SM2 SSL Certificate and ECC SSL Certificate, SM2 browser (ZT Browser) and SM2 HTTPS Gateway, which the six SM2 automatic certificate management ecological products form a self-contained system, forming an application ecology that can realize automatic SM2 https encryption, enabling all website systems to automatically implement https encryption to meet the needs of cryptography compliance and global trust of website security application requirements.

sm2 acme

The SM2 ACME System not only supports automatic deployment of SM2 SSL certificates, but also supports automatic deployment of ECC SSL certificate at the same time. It supports the deployment of a completely free 90-day dual SSL certificate with dual algorithm and supports automatic certificate management of charged DV/IV/OV/EV SSL certificates with 1-year period. Completely free SM2 ACME client - SM2cerBot has a built-in SM2 algorithm module, which realizes one-click installation, one-click support for SM2 algorithms, one-click application of SM2 SSL certificate and ECC SSL certificate, and one-click automatic deployment of three SSL certificates (one ECC SSL certificate, one SM2 signature SSL certificate and one SM2 encryption SSL certificate), support all browsers, the browsers that support SM2 algorithms and SM2 Certificate Transparency (such as ZT Browser) use the SM2 algorithm to implement https encryption, and other browsers that do not support the SM2 algorithm and SM2 Certificate Transparency use the ECC algorithm to implement https encryption.

ZoTrus Technology and CerSign Technology not only provide full ecological products and solutions for SM2 certificate automatic management, but also open up this ecosystem to facilitate various application providers that need SSL certificates to implement https encryption, and quickly realize automatic deployment of SM2 SSL certificates and/or ECC SSL certificates, realize adaptive algorithm https encryption, and jointly ensure the security and trustworthiness of the Internet of Everything.