ZoTrus Technology, a Zero Trust Security Provider Based on Cryptographic Technology

Make Zero Trust Zero Threshold
Make Cryptography at Fingertips

Zero Trust + Cryptography = ZoTrus Technology Innovative Cyber Security Practice

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SM2 Certificate Transparency

ZoTrus Technology work hard
to create a SM2 certificate
transparency ecosystem

ZoTrus SM2 CT Log

ZT Browser

ZoTrus Cloud SSL

ZoTrus SM2 CT Search
SM2 Certificate Transparency SM2 ACME

ZT Browser

A browser for zero trust security Online Surfing

https padlock https padlock
Never trust http websites, enhanced display https padlock
WAF protection WAF protection
Never trust the web connection, enhanced display WAF protection
display the Validated display the Validated
Never trust unvalidated websites, enhanced display the Validated
SM2 encryption SM2 encryption
Support Chinese SM2 algorithm, enhanced display SM2 encryption
One-client multi-purpose One-client multi-purpose
One-client multi-purpose, client-cloud integration
SM2 certificate transparency SM2 certificate transparency
Support SM2 certificate transparency, verify SCT list in SSL certificate in real time

ZoTrus Website Security Cloud Service

Cloud SSL + Cloud WAF + Identity Validation

  • 10 minutes to enable SM2 https encryption, adaptive SM2/ECC/RSA encryption
  • 10 minutes to enable cloud WAF to protect website security and worry-free all year round
  • EV Certification, make ZT browser address bar turn green, showing website trusted identity
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ZoTrus Cryptography as a Service

  • Provide cryptography compliance and publicly trusted digital certificates and cryptographic services for zero trust architecture
  • Custom-branded dual algorithm issuing CA for customers to independently issue zero trust security digital certificates
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Website Security

Never trust http website

HTTPS encryption, WAF protection, Identity validation

Identity Trusted

Never trust no-validated identity

Digital identity, trusted website, trusted entity

Email Security

Never trust cleartext email

S/MIME encryption, digital signature, timestamping

Application Security

Never trust no-identity application

Code signing, timestamping, https download

Document Security

Never trust no-identity document

Document Signing, timestamping, encryption

Zero Trust is a kind of life wisdom, to ensure the safety of daily life!

ZoTrus Technology is a security practice to ensure the security of the Internet of Everything!

ZoTrus Partner Program

Sincerely invite system integrators and security product vendors to cooperate,
Integrate ZoTrus cryptographic products and services to build a solid foundation for zero trust security!

We Sincerely Invite You to custom-branded zero trust security dual algorithm issuing CAWe sincerely invite you to custom-branded zero trust security dual algorithm issuing CA